cool (retro) caravans

Lately there have been some seriously cool, retro looking, caravans released in Australia including the classic looking T@B and the more basic looking RoadStar Reo.

The T@B is about AUD$ 22,000 plus on-road costs (stamp duty, registration etc.).

Tab Caravan

The RoadStar Reo looks slightly cheaper, but I don’t know the price, so I am not sure if it actually is.

Reo Caravan 1

Reo Caravan 2 (Flames)

It looks like the flames on the Reo are optional though which is just as well.

I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more and more of these as the baby boomers decide to roam away from their empty nests.

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11 thoughts on “cool (retro) caravans”

  1. I have travelled a lot through many countries with my family and have to say that the cheapest and easiest way of doing it was to hire a caravan. It gave us so much freedom and flexibility that you just can’t get with tours or cars – go at your own pace, and see as many wonderful sights along the way as you can. But I have NEVER seen such ridiculously looking caravans in my life. The Aussies must be a weird lot


  2. I LOVE them (but I’m an Aussie too) and am hoping to buy the T@B Safari (the silver off-road one) one day in the not to distant future. Brisbane Proton stock them but other than their website, the NRMA website (and yours) I’ve found little else about them on the net. But still… I want one BAD!


  3. T@B for sale mellow yellow 320RS. not safari version. is brand new never used. 0438360934 central victoria. is too heavy for my VW trike 3 wheeled motorcycle.


  4. To susan durham there is a roadstar reo in great nick for sale at Jayco Ballarat.I saw it the other day .Be quick.Bernie.


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