Why this blog is like a patch of grass…

I have just updated the about page for this blog. It kinda (tries to) explains the no strategy strategy behind the blog.

Initially this Blog will not have a theme. “Not have a theme?” I hear you ask. That is right, not have a theme. Instead I want to develop a theme as I move along. I am planning on adding lots of clippings/articles/links I have been collecting for the last year or so (before I had this blog), and then, with all the new stuff, a theme will emerge. A story that describes my intention comes from another blog I read, Creative Think:

Designer Christopher Williams tells a story about an architect who built a cluster of large office buildings that were set on a central green. When construction was completed, the landscape crew asked him where he wanted the pathways between the buildings.

“Not yet,” the architect said. “Just plant the grass solidly between the buildings.”

This was done, and by late summer pedestrians had worn paths across the lawn, connecting building to building. The paths turned in easy curves rather than right angles, and were sized according to traffic.

In the fall, the architect simply paved the pathways. Not only did the new pathways have a design beauty, they responded directly to user needs.


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