i ♥ pre-fabricated modular living goodness

as demonstrated in a previous post, i ♥ the concept of pre-fabricated modular living. here i will provide some developments in this field, sourced via the interweb.

loftcube project

this new German concept is about prefab cubes that are designed to sit upon existing flat rooved buildings (of which there are many in Berlin). the 40 sq. meter loftcubes have been designed to be light enough to be delivered by helicopter or crane. According to the official website, the loftcubes are now a reality. they look great inside, with an emphasis on minimalism, and are ‘adjustably translucent’. I believe they sell for about 55,000 euro (or about $AUD 90,000), and more designs will be continue to be built. Link

loft cube


“true modular, site constructed, pre-fabricated housing systems”, built in California (despite the Germaneque name). these can be built on site in a matter of days, and are v. ascetically pleasing. not sure of the price, because i think they are very much custom order jobs. Link

Kithaus 1

Kithaus 2

Kithaus 3

Kithaus 4

floating homes

these floating homes don’t actually float, but are rather designed to sit next to water (giving the impression of floating using lots of clear glass). the floating homes are still are in a concept phase as i don’t believe any have been produced. Link










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  1. These houses are very neat and modern. The design to have them look as thou they are floating, is very inovative. The houses look like they would be a very good place to sit down and relax, to get away from some of the stresses of life.


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