a week at north stradbroke island

I spent the last week offline on North Stradbroke Island (~1 hour drive + ~1 hour ferry from Brisbane). The weather was perfect, mid to high twenty degrees celsius each day. It was like a little piece of summer resurrected in mid-autumn.

North Stradbroke Frenchmans Beach

My personal highlights were:

Swimming thrice daily at a variety of beaches including Cylinder, Deadman’s & Frenchman’s

North Stradbroke - Gorge Beach

Collecting shells on the beach

North Stradbroke - Beach Shells

Cooking on a wood fired BBQ overlooking Deadman’s Beach at sunset, eating fresh local seafood including whiting, ocean king prawns and sand crabs, all enhanced with hand-picked limes from our very own lime tree at the holiday house!

North Stradbroke - Lime Tree

Reading four books:

  • ‘On Writing’ by Steven King – great book that starts off with some amazing short stories about Steve growing up.
  • ‘Billy Straight’ by Jonathan Kellerman – detective thriller set in L.A. A really good story.
  • ‘City of Bones’ by Michael Connelly – not as good as Billy Straight, but not bad. Again set in L.A.
  • ‘Don’t make me think!’ by Steve Krugg (re-read) – the only semi-work-related book. Probably the best (and simplest) book on web usability available

North Stradbroke - Books

Listening to a variety of beachy music including Jack Johnson, Weekend Sessions, Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions.

North Stradbroke - ipod

Playing a variety of games including:

‘Petanque‘ – Australian style, on the front lawn of our holiday house

North Stradbroke - Petanque

‘Carcassonne’ – a German board game involving placing land tiles and followers

North Stradbroke - Carcassonne

‘Uno’ – house rules – I just couldn’t win at this no matter how hard I tried!

North Stradbroke - UNO

Informal ‘Cranium‘ (no board, just cards) – Australian edition – found in the cupboard at our holiday house, a good general knowledge quizzing game with some obscure questions:

North Stradbroke - Cranium Question
(answer – d) pif, paf, pof)

Good times! Good times…

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  1. Carcassonne was fun! We didn’t use the water expansion pack as yet. It is difficult to know when to place farmers, too early they are wasted, too late can be too late.


  2. Early farmers are good if you can find the right field. You have to get them in before your opponent does. You don’t want to commit too many though or you won’t have enough guys to go in cities and on roads etc. At the end you’re trying to invade the big fields to get a majority, but that can be difficult.


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