at home, sick.

i have spent the last two days lying in bed, sick.

two days ago i woke up with a headache that felt like somebody was repeatedly hitting me in the head with a large concrete block. this and a very sore throat. i started taking medication but the headache seems to not want to quit.


the worst part about being sick is that i can’t and don’t want to listen to music. as someone who lives through listening to music this suddenly makes my life weird. some reasoning:
a) i don’t want to threaten future enjoyment of particular music through negative association with being sick; and
b) i can’t physically stand the thought of listening to any music with my head in such a way.

the best part about lying in bed sick is that i have had time to read two books: detour by james siegel and the tipping point by malcolm gladwell.

the other thing about lying in bed sick is that, and i am not sure if it is just me, i manage to notice lots of small home projects that would be perfect to work on. for example, i would love to reorganise my paper files and restructure the bookshelf. the problem is that i am not physically able to work on these projects because i am lying in bed sick. this may be easier to explain on an indexed style graph:

Home Projects when Sick

i hope i am able to listen to music again soon!

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