Five things I enjoyed doing in Melbourne last weekend

I was in Melbourne for the last day of winter, and the first three days of spring. The weather was unpredictable, but the whole trip was consistently enjoyable. The five things I enjoyed the most were:

1. Visiting the Guggenheim Exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria


The exhibit displayed a large variety of art from different eras. Predictably, I enjoyed the Roy Lichtenstein art the most.

2. Dinner @ the Supper Inn, Celestial Laneway Avenue in the City

We only just discovered this place on this trip, but it’s a real hidden gem. Authentic cantonese cuisine. Packed out, hard to get a table, and really really good food.

Supper Inn

3. Birthday Cake from Brunetti’s

Kitty bought me a small chocolate profiterole birthday cake from Brunetti’s. Lovely.

Birthday Cake

4. A day of driving along tram tracks in Melbourne in an Audi

Audi Melbourne

We decided to hire an Audi for a day to discover some new spots. It was heaps of fun driving around and dodging trams, luckily we chose a Sunday and there weren’t that many trams about.

5. Browsing the ‘Famous‘ portrait gallery by Karin Catt @ The State Library of Victoria

Karin Catt

Not only were the photos great, but the accompanying text for each told some interesting stories also. Highly recommended.

Good times all around, again.

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