time IS money (when you’re paid by the hour)

I am starting a new permanent job in two weeks time. This means I get paid a set yearly salary in exchange for a years worth of work. As I have been working as paid per hour contractor for about the last two years I have to say I am looking forward to this permanent job. It is not necessarily the continuity of work that appeals to me, but rather that I won’t get paid per hour of work. I read an article recently that explained it well:

For anyone who bills or earns by the hour, the world can turn into a 24-hour clock divided not by numbers, but dollar signs. In a recent study, lawyers watching their kids play soccer admitted to mentally ticking away lost income for each minute they stood on the sidelines.

I am looking forward to not worrying at lunchtime if my food is taking too long to arrive and also not worrying about having some extra time when I am catching up with an old friend.

In the current environment it is easy to get caught up on earning the bucks when I should be focusing on having fun and living life.

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