stripped billboard in south brisbane

I love about walking around Brisbane because I get to see things that I would otherwise miss. Tonight I went for a late night stroll and took a few snaps of some different things. My favourite snap tonight was of the huge billboard on the railway bridge next to the South Brisbane Railway Station. Tonight it looked to be in between signs, the first time I have seen it this way. The resulting effect was amazing. It reminded me of a great flickr photoset I subscribed to a couple of years ago, that contained only stripped back postered sites in Sydney.

stripped billboard in south brisbane 1

stripped billboard in south brisbane 2

(Excuse the quality of the snaps. Kitty has the mini nikon in Italy so all I have is my crappy 2 megapixel nokia shooter.)

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  1. That is rare indeed. I pass that often and always wonder when it’s changed. You should try and catch them while they’re actually changing it.


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