the big issue

I am a big fan of The Big Issue. It is a very enjoyable read plus it helps whose who sell it.

The Big Issue

The cover price has been $4 for the last couple of years. This has been a good price, as it is easy to give the seller a fiver and not ask for change. This means the seller gets $3 for selling the issue instead of $2.

I noticed in the latest issue that the price will soon rise to $5. This means I can’t easily tip without awkwardly giving an extra coin. I was thinking of paying with three $2 coins, but this means saving up the three coins before going to buy an issue, wheareas most of the time I have a fiver in my pocket.

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  1. That’s a tough one and definitely something that was in mind when the price went least now each vendor gets the extra 50c for each and every magazine sold.


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