tropfest is on this sunday at the south bank cultural forecourt

Short film festivals appeal to Kitty and I because we both have (reasonably) short attention spans. Tropfest is great because each film has to be less than seven minutes long.

If you like short films you probably already know that Tropfest is on again this Sunday. This year’s theme is the number 8. If you don’t like short films then come along and see what it is all about.


When we were in CBR, we went to about four Tropfest screenings. Let me tell you they rocked! Seriously, there were tons of people (strange for Canberra) and you could hardly move. But it was great.

Brisbane Tropfest is another story. Last year you could have counted the number of people who turned out. The location in Brisbane is great too, the Cultural Forecourt at South Bank. River and city views, green grass, who can complain?

Anyway, here is hoping that this year’s Tropfest screening in Brisbane is a little more lively. But not too lively, we still want to be able to find a patch of grass to sit on. The timetable is as such:

6:45pm: Tropfest finalist films Part 1 commences
7:50pm: Interval
8:20pm: Tropfest finalist films Part 2 commences
9:10pm: Judging time-out
9:30pm: Awards ceremony

You can bring along your own picnic (and a few cold ones) and it’s free, so there is literally no excuse.

Update: It’s moved to the South Bank Piazza. No green grass, but shelter from potential rain instead.

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