valentines day & why aesop and bloomsberry chocolate rocks

K and I normally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We both think it’s a tad over-commercialised and that you should celebrate those who you love every other day of the year. But, for some reason, we both got each other small gifts this year, the first in a long time.

I got K a beautiful combination skin starter kit from the recently opened Aesop store in Queen’s Plaza. The store has a quirky industrial/orderly feel and I ♥ the brand’s attention to detail. Aesop’s packaging is consistently aesthetic. They also have really cool quotes on all their stuff and they give you free samples of something different with your purchase. K loved the Aesop kit I got her.


I was stoked with my gift from K also. First there were two pocket sized books on Malaysia/Thailand (including the BKK Wallpaper* pocket guide) for our trip this year, and also a slab of delicious Bloomsberry chocolate. It was the first time I have received Bloomsberry chocolate and what a treat it is. They are clearly the winner of my best chocolate user exeperience award. Firstly the packaging is amazing. Not only is the outside packaging very clever, the inside ‘outer’ wrapper has a georgous pattern and the inside ‘inner’ wrapper is gold foil which both looks beautiful and keeps the chocolate fresh. Throw in some witty and thoughtful messages on keeping it green and you have a seriously cool experience. Plus, the chocolate tastes really nice too. I wish more companies would show this much attention to detail. I guess that’s why I ♥ it so much though, that other companies don’t make the effort.


Gold Foil


Google’s ‘google’ is cute today btw.

Google Valentine

An Aesop Quote to Finish

‘There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book.’

~ Marcel Proust

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