the big issue is 300

It sounds strange, but I really look forward to every second Monday. Not because pay day is imminent, but rather a new issue of The Big Issue comes out. I was surprised then to see a new issue on sale in Brisbane today: the 300th issue.

Big Issue 300

I think it’s the best magazine you can buy for five six bucks. It’s actually my favourite magazine at any price. There’s something about it.

I’ve spent time reading the last few issues trying to figure out what that something is. It’s hard to pinpoint, but I think I worked it out: it’s not pretentious. I originally thought that pretentiousness was about money but it’s not. A free magazine can be pretentious, the Big Issue is not.

Keep up the good work The Big Issue. Keep it real and unpretentious.

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2 thoughts on “the big issue is 300”

  1. Alan Attwood, our editor has just written something on the editorial process for the website. It’s on the home page at the moment. I’ve also just uploaded the Roving Eye article that Bretton Bartleet our art director wrote about choosing an image for the front cover. Both articles should give you a bit of insight into what goes into creating the magazine.
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  2. Hi Anna,
    I couldn’t see Alan’s article you mentioned about the editorial process on your website.
    Can you possibly provide a direct link to it?


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