a pain in the mouth

Last Monday I had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed (the big ones) in hospital. The procedure was straightforward but interesting since it was the first time I had ever been given a general anesthetic.

wisdom teeth

I was advised to take a week off work which I thought would be plenty of time to recover. I went to work on Wednesday because we had a team building day I didn’t want to miss. My mouth was still way sore so I took the remaining two work days off. Yesterday my mouth was just as sore as earlier in the week even when taking the prescribed pain killers. I noticed that one side of my face was a lot larger than the other but just put it down to different healing times.

When I woke today one side of my face wasn’t any better. It felt like my cheek was enlarged and throbbing with pain. I opened my mouth in front of the mirror and gently touched where it hurt which caused a large wad of yellow puss to explode into my mouth. I realise now that it is very infected. It hurts a little less after the release, but I have already finished my antibiotics and the surgeon isn’t contactable until Tuesday (due to the long weekend). I can go to the emergency room at the hospital but it will cost me another $180 which I’m not keen on spending. My GP also isn’t working until Tuesday.

So it looks like for now I will have to deal with the discomfort for a bit longer. I can’t wait until I am all better and can actually enjoy food again.

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