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Today I managed to get some cheap tickets to the USA to travel for three weeks in May 2009. They were AUD $1250 return including all fees with V Australia from Brisbane direct to LA. Although it’s operated by Virgin Blue, it’s still full service which means we get drinks/food/baggage included in the fare which makes it a really good deal. I got them when they went on sale at 2pm today and just noticed less than 3 hours later they are already sold out.

I can’t wait. I’ve never been to the USA before, so now we have some researching to do on where to go.

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  1. Thanks for your links!

    I have three weeks so I was thinking one week in LA, one week in NYC and one week in San Francisco.

    People at work were telling me today that L.A is not worthwhile? Perhaps not for a week.
    The only other possibility at this stage is a brief trip to Mexico, but maybe it’s too difficult?


  2. If you find that you don’t want to stay longer in LA you can always drive up the coast to San Francisco. Well, you may not want to drive the whole way up the coast, as it can be very narrow and winding and if you find yourself behind someone slow you might start thinking that driving up the coast is a waste of your precious vacation.

    I have driven to LA and back several times as I have a very dear friend living there. I would say that highway 101 is probably your best bet. You get some coast and some of the interior of the state. However, once you get to highway 280, I would take that rather than drive through San Jose/Silicon Valley. It is very crowded and trafficky and not pretty at all.

    The stops that I like along the way are Santa Barbara, Cambria and Carmel.

    We are just North of San Francisco, at the opposite end of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco can be cold, foggy and windy in the summertime. Just South and just North of it, however, are quite pleasant. You may want to check with Check different local zip codes:
    – 94123 is San Francisco
    – 94970 is Stinson Beach
    – 94901 is San Rafael
    – 95476 is the town of Sonoma
    – 94062 is Woodside (South of San Francisco)

    You will see that there are many different microclimates in the area. What is “better” is really a matter of personal preference.

    You will have a wonderful time. When are you coming again?


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