atomic bonsai

Kitty bought me this ultra cool cardboard atomic bonsai kit in Melbourne. It’s 100% recycled card and was heaps of fun to create a unique tree.

Atomic Bonsai
Atomic Bonsai

From the Atomic Bonsai website:

The idea & design of this Atomic Bonzai (Bonsai) kits are originated in 1997 by an Artist, Joji Okazaki.
I says that generally, natural tree of Bonsai trees are glowing ideally shape to be for many years & a lot of care, but this Atomic Bonsai kits become ideal shape for just a minute.
Everyone can enjoy this instant beauty shaped paper trees anytime & anywhere.

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  1. Well said, you are perfectly right. Watering Bonsai is quite different from other plants. It varies according to the temperature and atmosphere so we have to be bit conscious towards it.


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