I love this quote from the excellent book titled Your Money or Your Life:

The word is ‘enough’, At the peak of the Fulfilment Curve we have enough. Enough for our survival, enough comforts. And even enough little ‘luxuries’. We have everything we need; there’s nothing extra to weigh us down, distract or distress us, nothing we’ve bought on time, have never used and are slaving to pay off. Enough is a fearless place, a trusting place. An honest and self observant place. It’s appreciating and fully enjoying what money brings into your life, and yet never purchasing anything that isn’t needed and wanted.

– Page 25

There’s also some other gems:

And thus a rat race was born, leading to our excruciating balancing act between working more to buy luxuries and having enough leisure to enjoy them.

– Page 17

Clutter is anything that is excess – for you. It’s whatever doesn’t serve you, yet takes up space in your world. To let go of clutter, then, is not deprivation, it’s lightening up and opening up space for something new to happen.

– Page 26

It’s worth a read.

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3 thoughts on “enough”

  1. Letting go of clutter is a huge challenge. I mean, i have *cars* that i should probably get rid of, seeing as how they’re just rusting hulks on the front lawn…


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