I’ve got a pet ‘garden variety’ gnome on my desk at work. I found him abandoned (in a basket) when I started my job last year, and since then he has always been there with me. Until last week that is…

One day whilst answering my phone I noticed a random note hidden under the handset. I quickly read it and looked up to confirm my suspicions; he was gone.

Ransom Note
Ransom Note

The worst part of the situation was that there were no instructions. I did an ‘all staff’ office email asking for leads and offering a reward for safe return: gnome is dearly missed.

A confidential source told me that my gnome ‘didn’t get out much’ and so he was currently making his way around our office and would return in a few days.

I didn’t get much else for those few days, only another cryptic note of my gnome taking help desk calls and asking where I was.

Second Note
Second Note

The next day when I arrived at work I was rather suprised to find my gnome, on my desk, with another gnome, and some candy.

Gnome returns with friend
Gnome returns with friend

Today, a week later, I was still quite confused about the whole thing when a parcel arrived for me. It contained a copy of Gnomeland: An introduction to the little people, and four additional photos of my gnome in various poses around our office.

So it’s been a fun couple of weeks. I’ve had my gnome gnomenapped, returned with candy, another pink gnome friend, and six random portraits. I’ve finally worked out who did it all and they know me well because I think the whole thing was hilarious.

Now I just need to come up for a name for both the gnomes.

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  1. You’re lucky the aussie dollar is low or the gnome may have been taken further afield and the photos would have shown gnome with pyramids, eiffel tower, or on a lonely sea bed.


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