lior with strings attached in brisbane

We saw Lior play with strings attached tonight at the Powerhouse in New Farm, Brisbane. The strings were the Tailem string quartet from Melbourne. Brisbane based Georgia Potter did a few songs as a warm up performing both solo and with two guys. Lior sounded great and told lots of funny stories in between playing songs. The surprise of the night was when Katie Noonan appeared on stage to sing I’ll Forget You with Lior. Amazing.

lior-powerhouseClick to see larger image.


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3 thoughts on “lior with strings attached in brisbane”

  1. I’ve always been scared to post pictures of concert tickets with the seat numbers visible in case some scary internet stalker comes up to me at the concert and hits me over the head.

    I think i might be a little paranoid about crazy internet stalkers.

    Wise move posting the tickets image *after* the concert.


  2. GB: They were screening for Bogans at the Lior concert so I didn’t have to share your concern.

    Besides, I picked up my tickets at the venue so it was a bit hard to post pics of them before.

    If there are any people who want to stalk me I’ll be at the South Bank Young Designer Markets in Brisbane on Sunday 7th December.

    Perhaps you can get a cheap flight Gully?


  3. I’m not sayin’ *i’d* be stalkin’ you, man, just that there’s… ppl, man. Ppl out there, a-stalkin’ us all, man… Combin’ the interwebs lookin’ for ticket stubs, man…


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