number two hundred eighty one

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This is my 281st post on Juiced Pixels. I felt like it was necessary to stop and congratulate myself at some point for making it this far, and I thought 281 is as good a number as any, even though people usually celebrate milestones as big round numbers, like 300 for example.

Some stats so far:

  • two years, one month and two weeks old
  • 280 posts/8 pages
  • 42 categories/836 tags
  • 247 approved comments
  • 5649 pieces of inedible spam™ in the net
  • 184,569 total views with the busiest day having 1,555 views

I didn’t think I would make it this far, because blogs, like diets, usually die within a few weeks, maybe months. I’ve had numerous friends start blogs in the time this one has been running but sadly most have withered away to nothing, like an unwatered plant. One exception is my mate John whose blog had been running well longer than this (since Jan ’06) and still going strong, the aptly named Playing With Myself: lamentations of a board gamer with not enough opponents.

I still don’t have a theme for this blog, but if I could call it one thing I would probably call it random shit™. Maybe that’s why it’s still going, because there’s a lot of random shit out there to blog about.

I find it hard not to be personal, because it’s a fully public blog. You probably note that I never post pictures of myself or family: I am too risk averse.

The reason I have kept this blog going is that I find writing very expressive and a way to clearly articulate my thoughts. I often have very confusing thoughts and I find that by writing them down I can clear my mind for others.

I also find it therapeutic to vent; like the day my unnamed co-worker pissed me off big time.

I’ve also stuck to wordpress in this time, and I have no regrets about it. At one stage I forked to tumblr as well, but I think I might kill that off in the new year.

I hope that I can continue writing this blog over the next couple of years. My viewpoint will most probably change, and that’s a good thing. I will look back and ask why I said that, but that’s okay, that’s progression. I’ll be more scared if my views haven’t changed in a few years.

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  1. 281 is a major milestone, so congratulations! I hope that your blog powers on and on to the next major milestone in a blog’s life: post number 768!


  2. I was thinking of starting a blog and I was wondering if you maintain ownership of what your write and pictures you post. eg Can you reuse them later to compile a book?


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