ikea fusion

We spent the weekend reorganizing our apartment in anticipation of junior pixels. We managed to sell just about all our excess stuff to people in our building (awesome reuse), and got a few new IKEA things that are a bit more practical.

My favourite new item would be our IKEA fusion table and chair set. I love the retro styling and rounded corners, plus the chairs have backs and padded seats which is something our old stools didn’t have.


I will post some pictures of our redone rooms in coming days.

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3 thoughts on “ikea fusion”

  1. I saw this in Ikea recently too and loved it. Except its quite small, and makes it hard if we want to have people over. If only the chairs were somehow stackable. But I really like the way the chairs fit into the table.


  2. The single best thing about the Fusion is the way it all (more or less) packs away into the footprint of the table.

    That is so neat (and not neat neat… ace neat).

    Plus, when you have kids, they can hide inside it and pretend it’s a spaceship. Or a fallout shelter, depending on their outlook on life…


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