the crosstown eating house

On deciding where to go to dinner last week, we decided upon the new(ish)  Crosstown Eating House at Woolloongabba because we have heard good things. It was actually one of the best meals I have had for quite a while in Brisbane. The actual building is very cool too, although my only complaint is that it is very noisy because of the raw surfaces (it used to be an antiques store), so I reckon some rugs on the floors would really help out. crosstown-logo

All the meals are designed to be shared, which is a little hard cause Kitty’s a vegetarian, whilst I am not.  I had the steak & horseradish, some potatoes & greens, and we shared a soup which was a corn chowder (yum!). We ordered the trio of tarts (mini) to share. The actual tarts change but ours included passionfruit cheesecake, a lemon tart and a caramel tart, all of which were delicious.

The bill came to $80, although we don’t drink so it didn’t include beer or wine, which could really add up. We felt like a pot of tea at the end but strangely they only serve a single type of hot drink: a short black, apparently you’re not cool if you drink anything else.

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