scorpio death pattern

Not that much has been going on since I last wrote here, not that much good stuff anyway.

Quite a few months ago, when Kitty first announced she was prego with Space Prawn, I told a guy at work who for story’s sake, we’ll call old matey. I told quite a few people at work, but old matey’s response was the most odd. He happens to be very much into astrology & numerology, so he quickly asked the due date and told me Space Prawn will be a Scorpio.


At this point, being slightly skeptical, I didn’t really know what to expect from a Scorpio, but what he told me next was when it got weird. “There will soon be a death in your family” he said, “it always happens before or after a scorpio is born”.

I didn’t think too much about it again until my Grandma died last month, aged 96. What makes it a little strange was that Grandma was still quite healthy, a doctor even recently gave her the all clear to make 100. But she suddenly died.

So it sorta stuck in my mind a bit. I have since done a bit more research about Scorpios, and what makes them what they are. I have a brother (of three) that is a Scorpio, and he is exactly how they are described. To completely honest, it’s a little scary, if Space Prawn is like my brother then we’re in for a treat! </sarcasm>

I spoke to old matey at work after my Grandma’s funeral to find out a bit more detail. Apparently Scorpios are very fascinated by death, and that the intensity of a Scorpio’s mind means that a family member must pass for them to be born.

The strange thing is my Scorpio brother is fascinated by death.

Odd times.

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