renting sets you free

I loved this quote from Bruce MacFarland in The Courier Mail. It perfectly sums up my attitude to renting.

For all those people who feel they are “trapped” in the rental cycle and somehow life has no meaning because you will never own your own home, it is important that you see the benefits of renting.

You don’t need a bank to rent a house.

Think about that for a moment – you owe the bank nothing.

If you rent you can live in places you can’t afford to buy. Have you ever wanted to live closer to work, the city, the beach? If you rent, you can just move there.

Similarly, if you have that rogue neighbour who is making your life a misery, the traffic build up gets too much or for what ever reason you need a change, you can just move.

Do you get nervous each month wondering if the Reserve Bank is going to raise the official interest rates? If you’re renting you don’t. In fact, your rent can only rise twice a year by law, and this has never happened to me. If it did, I’d move.

You don’t pay rates if you rent.

If something goes wrong electrically, structurally or with the plumbing, you just call the owner and they fix it for you at no cost.

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5 thoughts on “renting sets you free”

  1. Thanks for posting up positive quotes about renting. Makes me feel better for being a renter.

    Do you ever worry about being able to afford housing when you’re older (i.e retired)? I occasionally wonder about that.


    1. No not really. I am lucky that I can save over 60% of my wage each week, so those savings combined with my growing superannuation means I am not too worried.

      The key to renting is to save the difference between what you spend on rent and a mortgage.


  2. When I was young and renting I didn’t see much of that bit about “they fix it for you”. The best thing about owning is never having to deal with real estate agents – you can just pay the bank money and they never hassle you.


  3. The Renting vs Buying advantage or disadvantage all depends on your own personal needs and the stage of your life. I having been renting for the last 20 years, I was 19 when I got my first apartment, I liked the community that I lived, aside from moving to the new lofts across the way. I have enjoyed renting, but my I would love to live the American dream of homeownership. When you buy a house, as long as you pay the bank its yours to repaint, strip the walls, build a new kitchen, add a pool, plus the tax breaks. Since I moved to the new lofts, they didn’t build the walls as thick, so I can hear when my neighbor sneezes or talks on the phone, no much privacy, but the apartment is 1300 nearly as much a a 2 bdroom house. I’m not getting any younger, but I still want to own house before I’m 45. I want a place for my grandchildren to come and visit and something to pass down to them, so that we they are of age, they can have it and remodel. I was watching HGTV where one couple added two levels to the house the husband’s grandmother left him. Renting vs Ownership, depends on your needs and where you are in life. The financial benefits are huge, some people are now turing their basements into full apartments and collect rent, which means the house pays for itself.


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