what happened to us?

I love this quote I found by someone who has recently migrated to Australia from Switzerland.

I live here now since October 2008 and I still haven’t a house but I didn’t expect this to happen anyway.

What concerns me more is that I had to over think my decade-long statement. Where is [sic] the Aussie lifestyle gone to?… Nowadays Australians are under a lot of pressure seems to me that they now live to work as well. And no wonder – look at your prices – one example :

  • I live in a Mango tree town – they are just everywhere – why does Wollies sell them for 2 Dollar each?

In fact I have a lot of “why” questions!

  • Why do healthy things like Broccoli cost 8 Dollars a kilo when MacDonalds gives you the Supersize-me deal for 4.95?
  • Why did Australians overtake Americans on the scales?
  • Why is everything “mobil” (phones, internet) so expensive?
  • Why can I buy things “No Deposit – No interest – till 2015”?
  • Why is Joyce Maine and Harvey Norman shouting at me in their ads?
  • Why do the Good Guys not dance when I step into their Establishment?
  • Why do I have to drive 130 km for a simple Ultrasonic scan?
  • Why are houses priced and not valued?
  • Why can Australians afford so much with so little pay?

I love quotes lie this because it shows how quickly we’ve lost our shoshin and have forgot to question things. An example is how stupidly houses are in Australia. While the world laughs at us, we just accept that houses are ridiculously expensive, instead of asking why, and doing something to correct it.

It won’t be too long before people clue-on and find somewhere where things make sense.

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One thought on “what happened to us?”

  1. My theory on housing prices is that they are always going to be expensive. People expect to have a 30 year mortgage to buy a house. If they have spare money, they buy a bigger house, they don’t choose to pay it off earlier. That’s “on average”, anyway.

    But she’s totally right on the broccoli, I mean what’s with that?


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