cool bonsai art show at south brisbane

Yesterday on a walk we discovered by chance a show at the Arts Factory Gallery at South Bank titled “Nature of the Duchess” by Monique and Faye Dobson. It contains lots of bonsais and antiques mixed with art and categorized by world region (Australia, the US, the UK, Japan and Africa), and all the plants and art are for sale.

I really enjoyed the combination of art, furniture, collectibles and bonsai. The bonsai that Faye has grown and displayed are amazing, some of the best I have ever seen. She has an amazing old fig for sale that I would love to buy but I think it’s out of our price range.

The show is on for the next couple of weeks (until October 5th) and Monique and Faye are planning on conducting some art and bonsai classes, which can be arranged via Check it out before it disappears!

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  1. A fascinating journey of the duchess interspersed with the calming tranquility of the beautiful bonsai’s made for a very heartwarming morning. Do yourselves a favour and visit this unique exhibition!


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