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“I think I’m gonna spew,” said Brad Cranfield, winner of The Block, which is certainly how this viewer felt watching the Channel Nine renovation show last Sunday night.


As the contestants listened to hundreds of thousands of dollars pour into their bank accounts in the show’s finale, a glassy-eyed, almost drugged stupor took hold of them. It was like watching a coked-up businessman fondle a stripper during a lap dance: naked human desire, stoked for 10 weeks, then sated with a Bacchanalia of ”Block-tion” bids.


Religion may well be the opium of the people but nowadays it’s a little old-fashioned compared with the meth-hit of consumerism; the result, a zombie-like lust for crap we do not need, for a house we cannot possibly fill, a life most of us will never lead.

Sam de Brito in a great article on the final episode of The Block: an Australian reality TV series.
A few weeks ago Kitty was away and I was watching TV for the first time in months and came across The Block for the first time. I actually felt sick watching it then, there’s something not right about seeing people so obsessed with such trivial matters in the name of flipping a house for profit.

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  1. That’ll teach you to watch TV. I used to be astonished by the absolute crap on TV until I realised that that’s normal for people of average intelligence – TV is doing them a service. Last night I was watching the 7:30 report and it told a story of investors – generally mature intelligent men – losing their money in an investment scheme based on sports betting. WTF? “intelligent” people investing in a sports betting scam? That was promoted by cold calling, no less. I had to turn it off because I couldn’t understand what they might mean by intelligent. Sometimes I feel like an alien in this world.


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