toughening up?

“I fear we’re turning into a nation of wussbags. Softies. Princesses. People in need of a big bowl of cement for breakfast. Everywhere you look, there’s wuss.”

I really liked, and agreed with, this article by Mia Freedman published last weekend on toughening up.

But then I read Fiona Scott Norman’s article in The Big Issue about Grant Hackett and his recent relationship issues:

“Australian men are not encouraged to talk, sportsmen in particular. Any emotional vulnerability has been traditionally met with an exhortation to ‘suck it up, princess’. Until recently, when at least one code has moved into the appropriate century, footy players complaining about sledges targeting, say, their wives and mothers were told to ‘toughen up’.


This is our culture, Australia. Where men are commanded to bottle any feelings that relate to woman.”

So, whilst I agree with Mia that we need to toughen up on a lot of things, we also need to be able to have close friendships that allow us to share what’s on our chest, in those tough times, where toughening up might not be an option.

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One thought on “toughening up?”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to envision a world of honest – when people could be tough or soft or however they felt – where humanity’s expectations would be that we expect honesty in disclosure but not demand full disclosure……. I yearn for that day.


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