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I was recently looking at some of the amazing images of the Endeavour’s 19km road tip though Los Angeles, and like when anything amazing like this happens, it seems that people are often too busy taking photos of it to actually enjoy it.

I think that last picture is a perfect reflection of the life many of us lead. Always behind cameras/iPhones/iPads, giving up a current experience for a future reminiscence, not realizing how many professional photographers will take much better photos than you can and they will be freely available on the web for anyone to see at any time.

It isn’t an isolated occurrence, take the Queen’s visit to the races in England last year.

Seriously? Stop living behind a 3 inch screen. As a Jason Mraz concert goer recently wrote:

The Mrs. is a HUGE Jason Mraz fan (I’m like “meh”, but whatever). We got 3rd row center seats to his show last night. Throughout the whole show just about EVERYONE around us was holding up their cameras, ipads, whatever for the ENTIRE FUCKING show.


The funny thing is, he has a very large band spread out all over the stage (bass, drums, horn section, violinist, bongos), so all these idiots missed everything that was going on around the stage just to hold their stuff up in the air so they could show their friends how cool they were, not to mention potentially blocking the view of the people behind them. I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes…I wanted to yell, “PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE, YOU’RE MISSING A GREAT SHOW, DUMBASS!”


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