I recently read the somewhat ironically titled article ‘How to stop giving a F@$% what people think‘ (I think he should have actually called it ‘How to stop giving a FUCK what people think’).

One point stood out to me

“When you have your values straight, you have your shit straight.”

I’ve often thought about values but have never tried to articulated them. I had a go this morning on the bus on the way to work and this is what I came up with:

Quality over Quantity: I would much rather something of good quality than have anything at all.
Acceptance over Disappointment: I would much rather accept the things I have than be disappointed over things I don’t have.
Savings over Debt: I would much rather save for something than use debt to get it immediately.
Fewer close relationships over more shallow relationships: I would much rather develop a small number of more intimate relationships than have a large network of friends I hardly know.
Options over free choice: I believe I work best under constraints so I seek options over free choice. For example, I love the iTunes film of the week as I don’t need to make a choice, or a small lunch menu as it limits the choice I have.
Ordinary over extraordinary: As Bill Bryson says, the ordinary moments are what makes up the majority of our lives. I think we should celebrate the ordinary moments more.
Quiet over noise: the older I get the more I appreciate quiet (maybe now as the father of three small boys). I find noisy offices distracting, I find noisy cafe’s terrible and find quiet places great for both thinking and solitude.

What do you value?

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