family & helping people

Kitty and I recently watched a standup comedy live recording by Adam Hills on ABC iView called Happyism.

We both enjoyed it as we both love his stuff, and the one thing I took away from it was something Adam’s Grandfather told him before he died: ‘my religion is family and helping people’.

I really like that ideal in life, and whilst I feel like I’ve been focused on family lately, I haven’t felt like I’ve been helping people enough.

One of the things I’ve done recently to help people is provide an ‘Ask Me Anything’ channel on my work blog where I can help people with any question or problem they face. This has not only resulted in many blog posts to answer people’s questions, but also led to having two lunchtime discussions with my blog readers where I’ve been able to provide some help and advice in person. It would have been easy for me to say I’m too busy to do that, but it was definitely worthwhile.

So I think family and helping people is a good thing to live by.

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