one eighty five beats per minute

I’ve taken to outdoors fast walking as a way to get and stay fit and I particularly enjoy walks in the Australian bushland.

I’m not a fan of running for excercise,  even though I’ve been running all my life, because I know way too many people whose running has exerted too much pressure on their bodies to the point of dehabilitating injuries which means zero excercise, so I prefer something easier on my temple.

The problem with walking, even fast walking, is that it’s not that hard, and you really have to walk a long way to feel the burn. That is unless you introduce hills.

Walking fast up large hills or small mountains is a great way to burn kilojoules. I try to burn an additional 2000-3000 kilojoules each day through vigorous excercise over and above my standard resting kilojoule burn.

I remember late last year I went to Park City in Utah and decided to walk to the near top of a nearby mountain. As I approached what I thought was the top it became quite steep and I remember looking at my Apple Watch which shows me my up to date heart rate as I excercise: it was one eighty five. It didn’t help I was about 9000ft above sea level so the air was rather thin.

I looked up a calculator on how to calculate your maximum theoretical heart rate which is 207 – 70% of your age (if you’re older than 29) so my current maximum is 183.2

This morning I was walking a 4.5km circuit which winds up and around mount Gravatt which has some rather steep hilly sections.

At the bottom of one of the steepest sections there was a moment when it was perfect; a good song arrived on my headphones so I felt the need to jog to the top of that section. I got to the top and looked at my watch: one eighty five.

I felt much better than I did at Park City most likely because I was at a much lower altitude (almost sea level) but also probably because I’m slightly fitter than I was then.

I’m curious if I’ll ever see it higher.

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