walking over running

Although I’ve been running my whole life, I much prefer walking.

And I’m a pretty fast walker: 35km in 5:02 is just shy of 7km/h.

Since doing my 35km walk last month, and loving it, I’ve been researching what other similar events are coming up throughout the year, and I noticed that a lot of marathons also allow walkers.

Which led me to this article:

walking london marathon

There’s six main points:

  1. It’s better for your body
  2. You’ll burn those calories
  3. You still get to overtake people!
  4. It’s fun!
  5. Walking is for life, not just for Marathon day
  6. You still get to be part of a historic event

Number 1 particularly resonates with me:

It’s better for your body

“Get a group of runners together in a pub and they’ll start comparing injuries – the dodgy knee, the shin splints, the ankle that might never be the same again. Nearly 70% of runners will become injured at some point.

Power Walking is like running up to a point, in as much as it works the calves, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders and core, but unlike running it also works on your entire body. The way you use your muscles is completely different – walking is low impact and by following a regular training plan, will build muscle tone, stamina and fitness quite quickly without you even noticing, but at an even pace, and without going through a pain barrier. Walking elongates and stretches out the muscles, whereas running shortens them, and there’s no continual pounding on the knees and ankles, which means much less chance of injury.”

Having completed the 35km walk without injury whilst burning ~10,500 kilojoules, overtaking ‘runners’, generally having a blast and still walking everyday since, I find I couldn’t agree more with that article.

Walking is for life. Now to find some marathons to walk.

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