our kids’ quotes (2014)

For the past couple of years we’ve kept a list of funny quotes that the boys have said so we can look back at these with fond memories.

This list is from 2014 when Junior Pixels was 4 turning 5, Little Bear was 2 turning 3, and Little Whale turned 1 during that year.

Little Bear: look at me jump Nana!
Jumps into pool
Little Bear: did you see me do a big jump and I didn’t even hurt my feelings!

Little Bear at playgroup. 
Little Bear: is Papa at work? Fin at kindy? Is Orson at playgroup now?

An African couple with dreadlocks park in the car park next to us at Officeworks.
Little Bear: Mama, Mama, look that man has noodle hair!

Mama: would you like English breakfast tea or herbal tea?
Little Bear: yes I would like purple (herbal) tea

Junior Pixels: what’s that Mama?
Mama: that’s the new children’s hospital
Junior Pixels: does it have a playground?
Mama: possibly
Junior Pixels: if Orsie goes to hospital mama can look after him and I will play at the playground with Papa
Mama: we hope that doesn’t happen
Junior Pixels: it probably will- he doesn’t eat enough fruit and eats yucky stuff off the ground

Little Bear: Mama Binley touched my pirate (private) parts- don’t Binley!

Junior Pixels: poor Papa is missing quiche night! I should save him one….

Little Bear: Binley lets do cheers with our peeled apples!

Little Bear: Mama you’re a special guy… I love you so much. I love Papa, Binley, Wincey, Catty and Turkey…our whole family.

Driving past skin & beauty place on way to park…
Nana: skin therapy & beauty- that sounds good. I could do with some of that.
Junior Pixels: what is it Nana?
Nana: they look after your skin and make you beautiful
Junior Pixels: but you’re already beautiful Nana

Little Bear yelling across street to another Dad walking past
Little Bear: we have a new car…. and a new Papa!
(referring to Papa doll created for Papa’s travel)

Unbuckling Little Bear from car:
Little Bear: I love you so much Mama. You’re a really special guy…(big sloppy proper cheek kiss) 

Little Bear riding bike. 
Mama: your bike is very noisy orson
Little Bear: that’s cos it has Diesel engine Mama.

Junior Pixels: Mama, I’m making an invention that you can keep your confetti in when you go on holidays…so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re away.

Papa: if you’re not careful I’ll shut down the dwarf mine and turn it into a wine cellar…
Junior Pixels: but you don’t even drink wine!?!

Playing with cereal boxes
Junior Pixels: Orson you must work at the cereal shop. If someone buys them without money you must say ‘beep beep beep’ and put them back. You guard the cereal.

Mama: who made that smell?
Little Bear: Papa did a Bart (fart) at work
Mama: but he’s at work?!
Little Bear: it was really smelly

Papa: Fin, you’ll be sick if you eat too many sour chews
Junior Pixels: no I won’t because I’ve had my needles

Papa: what do I have on my arm?
Little Bear: succuplants
Little Bear: Papa is going to be very proud that you changed the sheets Mama

Junior Pixels: Mama I need a drink I’m evaporating

Little Bear: Mama, why you doing burps in bucket?
You need to rest and your burps will go away

Little Bear: Stop taking my blocks wincey- you are a wild baby!

Junior Pixels: it looks like the cleaners have been.
Mama: it looks amazing
Little Bear: and Papa didn’t even make a mess!

Little Bear: Papa does really loud honks- REALLY big honks!

Good times…

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