our kids’ quotes (2015)

This list is from 2015 when Junior Pixels was 5 turning 6, Little Bear was 3 turning 4, and Little Whale turned 2 during that year. My favourite quote would have to be about sipping tea at the traffic lights… good times.

Little Bear: why do crocodiles not wear goggles mama?

Mama: Orson stop kicking Winnie in the face!
Little Bear: I’m not kicking him- I’m just giving him high five with my feet…

Little Bear: Papa has a little car like yours aunty Liz
Liz: wow, does he?
Little Bear: yes but you can’t do eating in it. We do lots of eating in our big car.

Little Bear: when Papa and I drive to Kindy and we stop at traffic lights, we both sip tea

Mama: can you sit around a bit and look at me for a photo?
Little Bear: no

Little Bear (telling people at school): we had a baby gekko at home under the book shelf. It had a hurt leg.
Little Bear: baby cry.
Little Bear: baby lizards don’t cry Winnie. They don’t have water in their eyes to cry. People have water in their eyes.
Mama: you’re very knowledgable Orson
Little Bear: I know this because I know lots of things

Little Bear: Mama, that builder has no shirt on Ma
Mama: Yes, I can see that
Little Bear: That’s a bit dangerous – he only has shorts on
Mama: ahh, let’s go inside

Junior Pixels: Mama do you know barbed wire?
Mama: Yes, what’s barbed wire Fin?
Junior Pixels: It’s wire and they put it on fences and rungs and it’s so sharp it could cut your hair (like a barber)

Mama: Orson, can you please look at the camera
Little Bear: no Mama, I’m concentrating!

Little Bear: Mama today Sam stood on my hand and it hurt. Eliza heard my sad face and told me if I put my hand in my pocket it would feel better. She gave me a hug. I put it in my pocket and it felt better. Sam didn’t even say any sorries.

(Little Bear running down a hill after school screaming)
Junior Pixels: don’t interrupt the world Orson
Little Bear: the world is not talking!

Little Bear: do you know what dust does Mama? It doesn’t talk. It just flies away.

Mama: Orson you are a very special guy and I love you very much
Little Bear: and funny too

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