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Deleting my twitter account* was one of the best things I ever did (which I did because I was being harassed/bullied by some of the ‘leaders’ in my field of work). Twitter is not only a blatant waste of time, but a toxic wasteland where online harassment continues to go on unnoticed. Clem Bastow says it best:

“…the feeling of cautious vindication I experience every time someone deletes or deactivates their account adds fuel to a fire burning deep within my soul: a strongly held belief that Twitter is, with scant exceptions (almost all of them to do with community organising), a steaming cesspool of virulent entitlement.

And that maybe, just maybe, if more notable and “valuable” people leave, the people left behind will start to realise they are not entitled to anything.

Twitter has proven, again and again, that it doesn’t care about meaningful steps towards stopping harassment. It’s time for us all, celebrity and otherwise, to delete, deactivate, and go elsewhere – pick up your toys and leave the abusers and their facilitators sitting in the piss-soaked sandpit hell of their own making.”

Clem Bastow – Delete your Twitter and leave the whole thing to the trolls

I know a lot of people are too afraid to delete their account for FOMO reasons, but trust me, you’re not missing out on anything.

*My professional blog has it’s own twitter account where it publishes blog updates to – much like its Facebook page and LinkedIn profile – but I don’t follow anybody or actually use this account – it’s just a publicity outlet linking back to my blog.

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