There’s something rather splendid about rocks; perhaps it’s just their age, or that they have played such a huge part in the entire history of our planet. Places like stone henge are amazing for this reason. 

All of our boys are obsessed with rocks; whenever we’re at a park or some place new they will discover and collect a few rocks that represent different things. 

Today I walked to White Rock and back. I walk a track that is a little less known. The track goes along the top of a ridge and towards the end of the ridge, just as you get into the ‘flow’ of walking in such a breathtaking environment, you’ll come across a beautiful collection of cairns. 

cairns near white rock

Each time I visit this park, which can be a few weeks or few months apart, there seems to be a few more cairns added to the collection.

There’s something transcendent about seeing cairns in nature; they encompass balance and some orderliness in nature, which has a tendency to be the opposite.

On my way back I couldn’t resist but add my own cairn to the growing collection of cairns. I hadn’t created one before and it was a very relaxing activity building something that balances on its own. 

I’m hoping my cairn will be there next time I walk through, which I believe will be the case as there seems to be an unspoken respect for this collection of sculptures that will stand the test of time. Well here’s hoping. 

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