my first ojo de dios

I’ve been wanting to make a ojo de dios for such a long time but I’ve never gotten around to it. I’ve seen some large amazing ones but I’ve always felt a bit daunted; where do I start to be able to make something magnificent?

So this year I decided to set a 2016 new years resolution that I would make at least one ojo de dios, but it can be as simple as you can possibly make, so that the bar is so low I can’t possibly not achieve it. 

So today on the 3rd of September I completed my 2016 new years resolution by making my very first ojo de dios:

I chose to use just two sticks (which are wooden chopsticks from an Asian restaurant) and a few basic colours as a starting point. It was very enjoyable and much easier than I imagined; even though it’s a very simple design. 

My goal now is to slowly introduce more complexity until I make my way towards creating something like this:

I’m hoping I’ll get there one day. 

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