the wisdom of dr drew

I rarely watch television, but if I feel like watching something I will browse ABC’s iView to find something random that is available to stream. Recently I found Sex Rehab with Dr Drew: a reality TV series set in Pasadena, Los Angeles about a group of people overcoming sex addiction.

It was a pretty random show but it taught/confirmed a few things for me:

  • Traumatic events/adversity in childhood left untouched have the power to destroy your entire life;
  • Addiction isn’t usually isolated to one particular thing: most of the ‘sex addicts’ were also current/former alcoholics/drug addicts;
  • Some people aren’t capable of moderation: most diagnosed alcoholics need to be teetotallers for life;
  • Making changes to yourself is hard; making changes to yourself whilst you’re close to someone else who also doesn’t want to change is nigh impossible. Whenever you change you make others around your uncomfortable as it forces them to look at themselves: this is why I believe diet/lifestyle changes are only possible in a family situation when everyone is all in.

I’m not sure which random show I’ll find next 🤔

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