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One of the things that Dr. Justin Coulson recommends in his parenting book 21 Days To A Happier Family is to write a family mission statement as a family. A family mission statement is like a manifesto/mantra that defines what’s the most important thing(s) for your family as a whole. Mission statements are only successful where there’s buy in from everyone involved, so last night immediately after dinner I thought I would give it a crack, even though Justin suggests some children may be too young to understand this.

I asked each of the three boys, and Kitty, what’s the most important thing to them about our family:

Junior Pixels who is 6 (7 next week) immediately responded “having fun and looking after each other” ๐Ÿ˜

Little Bear who turned 5 last week thought a bit and responded “having fun with our family and playing with each other” ๐Ÿ˜

Little Whale is just 3 but he answered “kisses and being together” ๐Ÿ˜

Kitty’s response was a short “being healthy, and hugs”, whilst my own was a bit more verbose with: “Looking out for one another, being grateful for simple pleasures, to never stop growing, and finding pleasure in the ordinary”.

We find a list of three to be effective in remembering things (like the playground rules Kitty devised – to be shared later) – but it’s been hard to condense these down to three as they’re all so great!

We’ve got a preliminary list of things that defines our family mission statement now, but like anything, we’ll evolve these as our family grows together:

Our family:

  1. Looks after each other
  2. Isย grateful for what we have
  3. Hasย fun being healthy together

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  1. Awesome post! And well done with the word crafting- captures it all so well & succinctly. I had so little to add as everyone covered things so completely for me! Excellent way to be reminded of our shared values. Frame & hand now?

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