what’s the kindest thing anyone’s done for you?

Kitty and I feel like these questions are getting progressively harder and perhaps wonder if we’re purposefully choosing tough questions for each other 🤔

This is a tough one to answer. No single act of kindness stands out to me from my memory – but I think that’s because kindness isn’t a single act – it’s a habit – and I think Kitty truly is a habit of being kind. Random acts of kindness.

For example, often in the morning Kitty will bring me a hot cup of tea in bed, and sometimes this is accompanied by a mini freshly baked item – divine 🙌🏻

And often when she makes me a salad wrap for lunch she’ll leave a kind message:

This week I’m off work and besides the days where we have a few commitments, Kitty said that I can choose to do whatever I would like to do. Now that is kindness right there 😊

An easier one for K:

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