mount warning 

I hiked to the top of Mount Warning in Northern NSW this morning.

It’s about 9km return and it took me a bit over an hour up and a bit under an hour coming back down. I had hiked this about 20 years ago and it was a bit steeper than I remembered at the top where they have some chains part of the way to assist with vertical rock scrambling.

The views at the top were mesmerising, particularly as I love the Northern NSW landscape so much as it’s so green and stunning.

I was lucky enough to have the summit to myself for about 20 minutes whilst I was up there which is very unusual for such a popular place to hike. As soon as I started my descent I saw about 50 odd people heading up so I imagine it would have been very crowded at the top.

I wouldn’t rush back to hike Mount Warning again anytime soon but I’m glad I revisited it today. It’s too popular to start with, and I think there’s better more challenging shorter climbs closer to Brisbane (Mt Blaine, Flinder’s Peak).

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  1. Beautiful pictures…such a varied collection that captures the experience as a whole. Looked like perfect weather too.


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