2016 in review

It’s a great time to plan ahead for the new year, but it’s also good to look back on the year to see how you did.

My 2016 in review

Countries visited: 2 (Canada & US)
International Trips: 4 (San Diego x 2, Whistler/Vancouver, Philadelphia/NYC)
Books Read: 48
Sum of pocket change coins saved in glass jar: $104
Long distance walks (>25km): 3
Mountains Climbed: 5
Firsts: 5 (first 35km walk, first beach labyrinth built, first Ojo de Dios made, first bungee jump, first time eating cactus)
Kid’s Quotes Collected: 20

Consise history entry for 2016:

Kept the same job for the entire year, travelled overseas three times for work and one trip with my family to Southern California. Reconciled with my brother and parents. Made my first Ojo de Dios. Celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and 20 year relationship anniversary with Kitty. Entered the next age demographic (35-44). Did my first long distance walk (35km) and made my first beach labyrinth. Kept being healthy.

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