good/bad meal/hotel?

“If you were in a city and had to choose between a good meal and a bad hotel, or a bad meal and a good hotel – which would you prefer?”

Just when I thought the questions couldn’t get any harder 🤔

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I like to approach problems by breaking them down into smaller pieces. So let’s start by examining and defining each element of the question. 

My definition of a good meal is a healthy, fresh and tasty meal served by friendly staff in a calm yet aesthetically pleasing environment. This doesn’t mean a fancy meal or a fancy restaurant: those places annoy me. 

A bad hotel would be a dirty, loud and/or kitsch hotel with bad customer service. The worst case bad hotel is ridden with bed bugs. 

My definition of a bad meal is an unhealthy, untasty and stale meal served by rude staff. The worst case bad meal is one that is one that makes me sick. 

A good hotel would be a clean, quiet and and aesthetically pleasing space with helpful customer service.

So would I prefer a bad meal and a good hotel, or a good meal and a bad hotel? 

I’d say a good hotel and a bad meal. A meal lasts a lot shorter than a hotel stay, and if I didn’t enjoy a meal I could always visit a supermarket on the way back to the hotel for a fresh fruit snack. Worst case scenario I would be sick from my meal in my nice hotel room. Or I could order room service 😊

I’ve had bed bugs once in my life, from a dodgy backpackers in Dublin, and I would never wish those upon anybody. 

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