five apps to cut out the middlemen

Here’s five of my app ideas to cut out the middlemen:

  1. App for people looking to pay for dates – cutting out pimps
  2. App for people looking for local guides – cutting out tour companies
  3. App for people wanting to swim in your pool – cutting out public pool operators
  4. App for people wanting to find local roadside produce stalls – cutting out produce wholesalers
  5. App for people wanting someone to cut their hair in their home – cutting out hair salons ✂️

The thing I realised is that all these ideas are basically replacing a community service with a paid app idea. 

Even Uber falls into this category. One day not so long ago if you needed a lift to the airport you’d ask a friend or family member. Now you just call an anonymous Uber. Parents even use Uber to drive their kids to school – who cares about asking a friend if they’d help out?

So instead of paying someone to swim in their pool you could make friends with neighbours and use theirs. Instead of charging someone to take them on a tour of your city you can make friends for life by doing this for free. Instead of paying for a date…

It seems every app idea I have is about de-personification and capitalism of society. Why can’t apps make society a better place?

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