five ways our family is unconventional…

…by Australian standards

Don’t take me the wrong way – there nothing particularly wrong with these – we just choose not to conform 😎 (at least for the time being – things change)

  1. We don’t own an SUV – almost all of our friends bought an SUV around the time of their first or second child 
  2. We survive on a single income and therefore don’t aspire to own a home (due to the large debt it entails) – our savings would be swallowed whole as a deposit for even for the cheapest of houses
  3. We don’t own a television. We have an iMac we can watch tv shows on, but television isn’t a background feature in our house
  4. Our children all share the same bedroom/bedding – all our friends children – no matter their age – have their own bedroom 
  5. We take our children on foreign adventures – this isn’t at all easy but so rewarding and so far they’ve been to Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand and the USA. This Easter we’re all going to Malaysia. 

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