frequently used emoji – 2017 edition

A colleague recently posted his frequently used Slack emoji which reminded me that I posted my frequently used emoji last August.

I thought it would be a good time to compare my current set of frequently used with those from almost 12 months ago to see what person I’ve become…

July 2017 (present):


August 2016:


Remarkably the 🌵 emoji has dropped out of the game – probably because 🌵 have become so darn popular.

A new entrant is the 💯 emoji which is probably my favourite discovery for 2017 (and suitably overused)

The 🍆 remains strong which makes me feel a bit 😳 (a new entrant)

It also seems like I have poultry on my mind although I have been cooking a mean red 🦆 curry lately (and boasting about it!)

Even though I’ve 🤔 about it a lot, I still don’t know what 🙃 means so I just use it sporadically for kicks.

But that’s enough emoji analysis for now; I need to get some 💤

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