5 things I learned living in an unrenovated 1950s house

We’ve been living in an unrenovated 1950s house since May this year. Not only do we save lots of money on rent but we’ve discovered there’s actually some really cool things about old houses 😎

  1. Open plan is overrated – being able to close the doors between rooms – particularly when you have screaming kids – is a godsend
  2. You don’t need so many mirrors – modern houses have built-ins with full length mirrors galore – these aren’t necessary – just learn to look at yourself less
  3. Hanging ceiling lights are fantastic – we have different hanging lights in every room, heaps cooler than downlights which mean you can’t even change the bulb yourself
  4. Your house should be smaller than your garden – modern houses have this the opposite way around and it’s all wrong
  5. Shower curtains and a bath tub are easier than glass shower screens – it’s a pain to clean glass shower screens when shower curtains do the job well and you can just put them through the wash.

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One thought on “5 things I learned living in an unrenovated 1950s house”

  1. Totally agree.
    Big new houses are a cleaning pain.
    I also love the quirks of bread boxes, lilac kitchens and mint bathrooms, fold out bedside table cupboards, sunny spinning hills hoist washing lines, a garden full of growing surprises that reveal themselves as seasons unfold, and stories that can be imagined from each quirky feature…

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