2017 in review

We moved house in May to save on rent and to continue spending as much time as possible with the boys. Clare contracted necrostising facisitis during our move which meant she was suddenly fighting for her life in intensive care. During the longest time we’d ever spent apart, looking after our boys who’d she’d never spent a night apart from, I thought it was the worst year of my life. But it turned out to be the best year of my life because we got to keep Clare. Everything else became unimportant. Started meditating. Somehow suddenly stopped biting my finger nails for the first time in my life.

Time meditating: 86 sessions 13.5 hours
Trips abroad: 6
Countries visited 4: NZ x 2, Malaysia, Singapore, USA x 3
Books read: 37
Books abandoned: 4
Mountains climbed: 22
Firsts: 4 (saw my first red-sunflower, first time looking after the boys myself without Clare, first time meditating, first time not biting my finger nails everyday)

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