bigger isn’t always better…

It’s easy for someone becoming increasingly interested in hiking to mountain peaks, not unlike a heroin addict, to desire a bigger and bigger ‘hit’. A few weeks ago it was Mount Tibrogargan at 364m, then Mount Beerwah at 556m, but over the weekend it quickly escalated (literrally) to Mount Barney at 1359m! The hike was 17.5km and over 1200m up!

I must admit I didn’t enjoy it, it was too rough on my body and reaching the highest peak for it to be fully covered in clouds was a major let down. But not enough of a let down to return and do it all again. It didn’t help I was recovering from a rather-nasty sinus infection which made me feel even lousier when I’d finished. I’ve learned from the experience that bigger isn’t always better, and that I should re-visit and appreciate some of the smaller mountains I have access to without constantly seeking a bigger and riskier hit.

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