sacrificing or suffering for work?

“The most likely to fall into such pattern are those of us who aspire to bring our whole self to work. That attitude is admirable and often necessary. We want to be all in. But then we find ourselves being always on.”

“In most businesses, we seldom value pace. If you run fast today, you’re asked to run faster tomorrow, and so on. We know that resting, at least once in a while, will make us healthier and more productive…but we choose to keep going, regardless.”

Are You Sacrificing for Your Work, or Just Suffering for It?

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One thought on “sacrificing or suffering for work?”

  1. Fully agree with the notion to that you give your all, and are asked for even more. To be present and fully energized we should take breaks, pause, sleep, and stay healthy for the long marathon (it’s not a sprint!).

    One of my favorite resources for this topic is “The Making of a Corporate Athlete” by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in the Harvard Business Review (2001).

    The problem is not so much that their lives are increasingly stressful as that they are so relentlessly linear.”

    The authors say the enemy is not stress but linearity: the failure to oscillate between energy expenditure and recover. And stress can be a motivator and positive thing.

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